SS22 TREND Dark Romance A3 Digital File

SS22 TREND Dark Romance A3 Digital File

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Spring Summer 2022 Dark Romance Fashion Trend Board 


Evidence of Trend Catwalk Images and Designer name

Pantone Colour Palette with reference codes

Inspirational mood images 

High Resolution 300dpi digital download at A3 scale

Flat jpeg file

Not Transferable / Not for Resale / Royalty Free

The Digital Weaver Studio has creating this stunning dark base floral moodboard for our Dark Romance Trend.

This eye-catching look, hints at romantic 'summer-night' picnics in beautiful garden settings.

We combine loosely cascading gerberas, peonies, tulips, lilies, poppies, camellias and dahlias then we layer over flowing greenery for a playfully mysterious twist.

This vibrant retro palette evokes a nostalgic drama to this key trend. Featuring the latest catwalk colours on dark grounds such as rich sheen black, matt black or midnight blue.

We've created some stunning colour combos using our key fave Pantone shades all set on dark grounds.

Scarlet Red: 187C / 19-1558TCX    Carmine Rose:  813C / 17-2230TCX
Citrus: 7409C / 14-0955TCX   Blue Iris: 2726C / 18-3943TCX
Crystal Seas: 2915C / 15-4428TCX    Georgia Peach: 178C / 16-1641TCX


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