"Let them eat cake"

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Fendi / Christian Dior /Alexander McQueen / Valentino / Zimmermann / Marc Jacobs / Chloé / We are Kindred / Vivetta .... are but a few of the runway designers rekindling our love for the French Renaissance.

We are taken on a journey back in time to Versailles summer palace, we play with childish delight through ruffles, frills, lace-up details and we see decadent details in embroidery and lustrous textured fabrics.

A soft cheeky palette of 'not-so-shy' dusty pastel shades, romanced by glimpse of deep velvety hues and accented by metallic highlights.

Bordering on boudoir styling with prints that are reminiscent of antique furnishing florals, ornate foulards and intricate hand sketched 'love stories' of suns, moons and stars.

Maddie: The Digital Weaver

The story continues .... stay tuned for more trend updates

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